World Youth Day 2019 Group Registration Form

Diocesan, Parish, and Group Leaders: We know you are busy and so we have created a tool for you to disseminate information about World Youth Day and provide a way for pilgrims to show interest in joining your group. When you register below, you will be provided with a unique link that you can share with your potential pilgrims which will allow them to register and attach to your group. Their information will be available to you through this online system.

Here are some upcoming features that this tool will provide:

  • A central, secure, online, and backed up location to keep all information about your pilgrims.
  • Track payments and balances for pilgrims.
  • Send email communications to all or particular pilgrims in your group.
  • Provide a central location for pilgrims to find pilgrimage information and scheduling particular to your group.
Please note: All group registrations will be reviewed by Dube Travel to prevent inauthentic registrations. We will contact you as part of the verification process. Thank you.

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A valid email is required for notifications of pilgrim signups and management.

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